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Disposable Dust Masks

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Dust masks - Protection for respiration

A dust mask is typically a flexible elastic or rubber pad to cover up the nose and mouth to prohibit the dust or other particles entering into the body through respiratory system. It is used as a protection against the activities of cleaning, construction, sweeping, etc. A dust mask is also worn to protect one against different types of air-borne communicable diseases. The Disposable Respirators give complete protection from non toxic dust, pollen, mist, powders and vapors. They serve as a respiratory protecting device. They have been specially designed to fit the face tightly and contain special types of filtering and absorbing materials. They are commonly used in the routine work while doing petty works like painting, cleaning, dusting and extensively used by the people who are affected by any kind of allergy. Dust masks are cheaper, lighter and comfortable to wear and can be used as an alternative to a respirator for certain purposes. 3M Dust Masks are better suited for household uses as well as regular use for protection against the pollution and dust which is constantly in the environment these days.

Disposable Dust masks

Half Mask Respirators offer the level of protection you seek without compromising on the comfort and breathability. Procedural masks are a three plied sheet of non toxic latex free material that goes around the ears to enhance security and prefect fit. They are soft, cost effective and are designed to fit children and adults both, covering the entire face and nose. Disposable Dust masks come to rescue when you travel and your immune system works overtime to protect yourself from foreign pathogens. These days , respiratory masks are available keeping in mind the trends and fashion that is going on in the society. So they provide protection in style. It is for the people who get conscious about they look, now need they not to worry because now you will get full protection from dust and other pollutants! Using a wrong mask for a particular purpose exposes the risk of health hazards. Similarly misfit masks leave all the possibility of harmful substances making way to your system. Many dust masks with widely varied levels of protection may look similar, and even masks that do not protect against dust at all, such as paint masks and surgical masks may look similar to dust masks. A correct fit may not be as critical in masks that are intended to protect against splattering liquids or mists. Dust masks are manufactured to protect against only certain dangers, and do not protect against chemicals such as vapors and mists. For this reason, it is dangerous to confuse dust masks with paint masks.

Buy dust masks with ease

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