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Disposable Gloves- The economic protector

Rubber Gloves are the most affordable range of the hand protection products of gloves. Gloves are basically a garment that covers the entire hand up till the wrist. It also has distinctive openings for each of the fingers to provide better grip and complete coverage to the hand. Disposable gloves are typically put in use for such purposes where a particular level of hygiene needs to be maintained and the gloves needs to be changed time and again. The most common application of disposable gloves is in the medical industry, usually dentists, pharmacists and doctors use surgical gloves which are made up of different types of materials most commonly latex, nitrile rubber, vinyl and neoprene polymers. The purpose of these surgical gloves is mainly to avoid the cross-contamination among patients.

Distinguished Application of safety gloves

These disposable gloves have various uses in different industries. These are used in the medical industries as mentioned earlier, moreover, they are also used in the household as they can be used in the kitchen for the purposes of dish washing for protecting our hands from the dirt and chemicals which are used for cleaning. These gloves are also used in the food industry, for serving food, preparing food, just for the purpose of adhering to the level of hygiene. Although, in the food industry, usually transparent safety gloves since they differ in the price and belong to an inexpensive range of disposable gloves. But these disposable gloves also have a few limitations, since they are made up of plastic or artificial fibers that is why they may react with the users skin after a long period of usage. Thus, it is advisable for the users to observe the skin of the area of contact with the glove, if there is any itchiness or redness pertaining to that area.

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