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PVC Dotted Gloves

These types of gloves are made from superior quality knitted cotton with PVC dots on one or both the sides. They are simply machine knit seamless gloves made with anti-slip dots in 7,10,13,15, gauge made from cotton and nylon blended knitted yarns. To overcome the drawbacks of simple knitted gloves , like slip resistance and tear resistance, dots made up of Polyvinyl chloride are added to provide extra gripping power and resistance against slip. Dotted gloves offer greater durability and firm grip compared to seamless knitted gloves and this is the major reason of their higher demand in the market.

Cotton and PVC Gloves and their Utility

PVC and Cotton Dotted Gloves come with around 500 grip dots on the surface providing them with increased longevity and greater grip over wet and dry surfaces. PVC dotted gloves are extensively used by the chemists. The gripping nature of these gloves makes them work extremely well with the chemists. Most of the experiments of the chemists deal with the glass bottles and vials which compels firm hold and grip over the apparatus. Construction workers also find these gloves extremely beneficial because given to the dotted quality of these gloves, they allow the construction workers the grip on their screws and tools in a much better way that any other type of gloves would. If you are a gardener and tired of the wear and tear of your gloves due to prickly thorns, you will be relieved once using the dotted gloves. The dots present on the gloves helps in getting firm grip over the object giving efficient functioning in mountaineering operations. These safety gloves provide great protection against abrasion and friction given to the support on the back of the palm. PVC dotted gloves are the multipurpose gloves that are excellent for all types of work and play and can be used in all types of environment.

Buy Dotted Gloves at Tolexo.com

We offer a wide range of dotted gloves with various options. Right from cotton to nylon gloves , to puncture and heat resistant styles, whatever the application may be, we have a cotton blend, string knit, dotted gloves for you. We are glad to bring forth a premium grade collection of cotton and PVC dotted hand gloves that are durable and comfortable, in the assorted colors and sizes.