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3M H10A Earmuff 30 dB
3M H9A Earmuff 26 dB

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What are ear muffs and how do they work?

Ear muffs are specially tailored objects that cover the ears for greater protection and security. They usually comprise of a metal or thermoplastic headband that fits right over the back or top of the head with pads at every end for covering the ears properly. There are two kinds of ear muffs that are available these days. Thermal muffs are usually worn in extreme cold and serve to keep one’s ears warm with fur or cloth pads. Ear defenders or acoustic muffs come in handy for keeping out loud sound. These muffs come with special material for deadening sound and are cups lined with special material. These resemble headphones by way of their appearance and may be clipped onto the sides of a hard hat or carried on a head band. These muffs are often used in construction sites and other industrial zones. There are several ear defenders that are often fused with headphones.
These acoustic muffs usually protect the ears from loud and extreme sounds. The outer covering and head band is usually crafted from metal or thermoplastic. Acoustic foam is what really offers protection in these cases. This foam keeps absorbing sound waves through an increase in overall air resistance and reduction in wave amplitude. This energy is subsequently transformed into heat.

Why are ear muffs important?

These muffs assume huge importance in contemporary times as exposure to loud sounds only serve to harm hearing capabilities and also lead to ear damage. These muffs should be worn in industrial or construction sites where loud equipment and other power tools are made use of. Additionally, these muffs help keep ears safe from rain, cold and hail as well whenever required. These muffs combat hearing loss most importantly as the human ear is programmed to take in up to 75 decibels of noise. Grinders, chainsaws and drilling machines should be operated with these muffs in place by workers. Short or infrequent exposure to such sounds can lead to eventual hearing loss and hence the importance of muffs at the workplace. There are several kinds of muffs that come in handy for several segments like forestry, construction, public utility and paper and pulp industries.

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