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Use Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs are an important category of PPE that are widely used by people who work in noisy surroundings. There are various activities that involve the use of ear plugs such as swimming, air travel, loud work environment and many more. You can buy the best quality reusable ear plugs from Tolexo and stay tension free as far as your ear safety is concerned. For a better understanding, the noise is measured in terms of decibels. It should very well be understood that a noise of over 80 decibels can lead to loss of hearing and the noise above 140 decibels can result is instant damage which can give way to permanent loss of hearing.

Ear Plugs for Different Applications

These days, the reusable ear plugs come in a variety of designs and it is important to choose the right one before jumping on to buying anything from the market. This problem is well taken care of at, where you can buy ear plugs online. These ear plugs can be cleaned and used again. The reusable ear plugs that are available at can be used for various applications in different sectors like engineering, power generation, construction, drilling , foundries, automobiles, petrochemicals and many more. These ear plugs can also be used from protection against water as they do not swell in water. We provide you with the products that are easy to don and that can be cleaned and used on later.

Buy Ear plugs online from Tolexo

At Tolexo, we understand the importance of your time and you can expect a free home and timely delivery of your purchase. Working in association with many prestigious brands such as Metro, VENUS, Karam and many more, we have the best variety with over 8000 brands and 7000+ sellers. Also, with price transparency of the products and best customer service, we work in the direction of building a strong relationship with our clients. We also offer other categories like such as safety shoes, cctv cameras , bathroom accessories , weight machine , solar panels , leather shoes , test and measure equipment, power tools, hand tools, and a lot more.