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Face Protection!

Every industrial unit comes with the probable hazards to its workers and labours are a fact inevitable! Workers are at a diurnal risk of coming across any hazard that can cause them short term or long term damage. They undergo the loss of working days which is the worst situation for those working on daily wages. Moreover, they are likely to undergo the physical and psychological impairment that are difficult to recoup. Talking about the potential hazards to the workers, most exposed part of the body is the face! Any accident or injury to the face can simply ruin the professional and personal life of a worker. Numerous safety measures and devices are available as a caution. Providing the workers with the safety face protection does not only give a sense of safety and security but also helps increase their work efficiency that ultimately turns beneficial for all the people involved.

Safety Face Wear

Variety of safety products are available in the market, from regular eye protection glasses, safety goggles to the faceshield visors and shields that cover the entire face ensuring the protection from every kind of face injury.
Activities like cutting, grinding, welding, etc. render the workers open to the hazardous substances and minute particles can easily fly or cut into the exposed face of the workers. We at Tolexo take great pride in offering some unique face protection accessories to our customers from the best brands in the business. Take a look at the veritable range on our website where we offer a great range of face shields- head gears with transparent plastic sheets and masks, welding helmets made of vulcanised fibre and fibreglass and fitted with filtered lens to serve as a protection from the sparks of soldering and welding activities. These are durable and certified. Customer can shop for the adjustable and desired face shieldgear, face protection safety wear that will serve this very need and purpose!

Face Wear at Tolexo.com

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