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Fall Protection Safety – Need of the Hour!

Work becomes fun when you have the sense of safety and security. Brooding over the possibility of mishaps, which are very likely to occur in any and every kind of job may hinder your work efficiency and adversely affect your psyche. Many jobs require you to work on near to the ground or risky levels of height. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation states that if you are at a risk of falling three meters or more at your workplace, you should use a suitable fall protection equipment that can save you from the major accident if by any chance you lose your balance working on the height. In fact not only the fall protection equipment is required, but the whole fall protection system needs to be established. This fall protection system or program should include training the workers to use the equipment, selecting the proper equipment by evaluating the risk factor, fitting of the equipment and inspecting and servicing the same from time to time. After all, Life is precious!

Fall Protection and Safety Equipments

Various equipments are designed and made available for your safety depending on the category of their functions and position of the fall.
A Fall Arrest system is required to catch hold of the worker and protect him from banging on the floor when a worker possesses a risk of falling from the raised position above the height of six feet. Fall Arrest equipments help to save you after you fall by stopping the fall before you strike the facade below. A safety belt for a lower height can be used but there is always a chance of suffering from severe backache if you only rely on safety belts for greater heights. A full body harness with a shock absorbing lanyard is the only product recommended when the distance of the working space is higher from the ground. A full body harness consists of straps that are passed over the shoulders, across the chest and around the legs so that it can distribute the impact of forces throughout the body.
Equipments that fall under Fall Protection System hold the worker in place while keeping his hands free to work. This system comes into activation whenever the worker leans back and is about to fall. For this, the oblong shaped device called Carabiners are used to attach to the different components of personal fall protection system.
The suspension equipments lower and supports the workers while allowing their hands free to work. A length of synthetic fiber or steel wire rope that is attached to an independent point of anchorage called lifelines serves the purpose. These lifelines can be horizontal or vertical depending on the nature and environment of work. They are widely used in painting and window washing industries.
Another equipment that is available for fall protection is durable and dependable nets made of nylon and polypropylene. The fall protection nets are available in many sizes and shapes. These are widely used on the construction sites whether you are building houses, high-rises or bridges.

Fall Protection and Safety Equipments at Tolexo.com

Tolexo.com cares about your safety by bringing to you genuine, durable and trusted fall protection equipments from some leading manufacturers across the globe. We do not want your employees to be casualties!