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Hearing Protection

Use Hearing Protection and ensure a complete safety to your ears

If you are involved with a lot of noise on the daily basis, it becomes crucial to safeguard your ears by using proper PPE equipment. These include reusable ear plugs, disposable ear plugs, ear muffs and other equipment designed especially for your ear protection safety needs. Tolexo offers a wide range of hearing protection that are effective enough to be used in all sorts of work stations where there is a constant presence of noise. These devices buffer the noise from the environment and ensure that your hearing remains unharmed. Depending on the ambiance of your work, you may need hearing protection devices to safeguard your hearing. If you work at construction sites, at concerts, at an airport, or in any other noisy environment your hearing is at risk on a daily basis as the constant loud noise may hamper your hearing temporarily and even on a permanent basis.

Stay safe with the right hearing aid

At Tolexo, we make it sure that you get the required protection with our very effective and best quality products. The protection is comfortable to wear and will not provide any discomfort to the wearer. In order to keep the hearing at a functional level, it is very important to select the right hearing protection headset. You can shop online on Tolexo.com and buy ear protection devices with ease. Select the right hearing protection equipment depending upon the type of job you are assigned to. Ear protection at work stations is important in order to ensure the safety of the ears. Buy ear protection devices for your ear protection needs from Tolexo and remain hassle free. .

Experience the best with us

At Tolexo, we understand the importance of trust and for the same reason there is a price transparency on our products. Also, In order to ensure that only the best products reach to our customers, we work in collaboration with various prestigious brands including Venus, Nu Look, Saviour, Escort and many more. The authenticity of our products cannot be questioned as we offer only 100% genuine products. Also, as customer service is our main aim, we ensure that the products reach on time. A perfect combination of effectiveness with reasonability can be achieved with ease at Tolexo.com. .
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3M 1110 Corded Foam Ear Plug Rs.1500 Rs.926 38% Pack Quantity:100 Udyogi ET 20 Economy Earmuff Rs.399 Rs.370 7% Pack Quantity:2 Min. Order Quantity:5 Venus Hearing Protection H-550, NRR 23 db Rs.619 Rs.421 31% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:4 Certificate:IS 9167, CE, EN 352-1:2002 Karam Ear Muff Classic, EP 21, Noise Rating Level NRR 23 dB & SNR 23 dB Rs.500 Rs.366 26% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:CE 0120 3M 1110 Corded Foam Ear Plug Rs.595 Rs.481 19% Pack Quantity:40 Certificate:ANSI approved Venus H-301 Corded Reusable Earplug, NRR 29 dB, Color: Blue Rs.37125 Pack Quantity:1500 Certificate:IS: 9167, CM/L 7892102 Honeywell Bilsom 304 Bullet Shape Corded Ear Plug, 33 dB Rs.8617 Rs.7996 7% Pack Quantity:500 3M H7A Earmuff 27 dB Rs.2730 Rs.2601 4% Pack Quantity:1 Gripwell 20 dB Foldable Ear Muff, Pack Of 2 Rs.520 Rs.449 13% Pack Quantity:2 Min. Order Quantity:4 Ear Defender (ED), ED 2N Rs.2800 Rs.2042 27% Pack Quantity:1 Saviour Foldable ear muffs, EPSAV-108 Rs.698 Rs.585 16% Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:EN 352-2 Saviour Safe Fit Reusable Ear Plugs, EPSAV-R, SNR 25 dB, Color: Orange Rs.595 Rs.525 11% Pack Quantity:15 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:EN 352-2 Venus Ear Plug, H 101 Rs.2000 Rs.1399 30% Pack Quantity:100 Venus Hearing Protection H-101, NRR 32 db Rs.1875 Rs.1261 32% Pack Quantity:150 Certificate:IS 9167:1979 Safari Ear Plug, JE-510 Rs.750 Rs.419 44% Pack Quantity:100 Min. Order Quantity:2 Yu Long Ear Muffs Rs.900 Rs.489 45% Pack Quantity:1 Escort 5001 Ear Muff, Set Of 2 Rs.428 Rs.419 2% Pack Quantity:2 Min. Order Quantity:2 Saviour Safe Fit Reusable Ear Plugs, EPSAV-R, SNR 25 dB, Color: Orange Rs.595 Rs.439 26% Pack Quantity:15 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:EN 352-2 Venus Foam Corded Ear Plug, H-103 Rs.1199 Rs.939 21% Pack Quantity:100 Venus Ear Plug, H 101 Rs.5330 Rs.5290 Pack Quantity:500 Wuerth Soft Ear Plug Rs.6975 Pack Quantity:200 Pair Yu Long Ear Muffs with Rotating Head Band Rs.850 Rs.429 49% Pack Quantity:1 Elvex Foam Earplugs Rs.1717 Rs.1613 6% Pack Quantity:50 Pairs Certificate:ANSI S3.19-1974</br>EN-352-2 Elvex DB Safe Reusable Earplugs Rs.3435 Rs.3229 5% Pack Quantity:30 Pairs Venus Ear Plug Rs.1053 Rs.1052 Pack Quantity:100 Yu Long Ear Muffs without Rotating Head Band Rs.800 Rs.399 50% Pack Quantity:1 Kanvee Disposable Ear Plug, Pack Of 100 Rs.3580 Rs.3405 4% Pack Quantity:100 Midas Ear Plug, FEP 03 Rs.1987 Rs.1979 Pack Quantity:200 Pairs Metro Safety Ear Plugs Rs.650 Rs.207 68% Pack Quantity:12 Min. Order Quantity:10 3M 1270 Reusable Corded Ear Plug Rs.632 Rs.610 3% Pack Quantity:10 Min. Order Quantity:2 PG Maxx Ear Plug - with rope Rs.2200 Rs.1599 27% Pack Quantity:100 Kanvee Red Ear Muffs, Pack Of 5 Rs.960 Pack Quantity:5 Wuerth Ear Plug with Cord, X-100 Rs.9900 Pack Quantity:100 3M 1436 Folding Earmuff 23 dB Rs.1500 Pack Quantity:4 Warranty:1 Year 3M Ultrafit Corded Ear Plug 340-4002 Rs.914 Rs.912 Pack Quantity:20 3M 1270 Reusable Corded Ear Plug Rs.1100 Rs.601 45% Pack Quantity:20