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Heat Resistant Gloves

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Heat Resistant Gloves

Workers are exposed to extreme hazards while working in the high temperature environment that demands handling of hot and sharp objects. A high level of hand protection is needed specially while working with the glass and metal forming and hot surfaces. Heat resistant gloves are majorly used in environments that involve extremely high temperature and direct contact with very hot objects. Heat resistant gloves are an ideal choice for domestic as well as industrial purposes. Heat resistant gloves are ideally used in industries like spot welding, refineries, dealing with heat reflectors or welding blankets, steel and glass manufacturing, bakery work, oven applications, pressing, moulding, etc.

Features of Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat resistant gloves help to protect from thermal hazard posed by heat or extremely high temperature. They provide great protection against heat injury and every other heat handling situation. Heat resistant gloves are made using high quality raw materials and are chemically treated to give them fine finish. Heat resistant gloves are made by using a combination of cotton layers for direct contact with the hands or carbon threads for the outer layer. The materials from which the heat proof gloves are made vary according to the manufacturers. Some use woven fabric or carbon while others use a blend of several materials for the best results. Heat resistant gloves can be standard or easily customised to fit the need of the worker. Heat resistant gloves offer multi-layer protection for high dexterity. Gloves are available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large and also in the universal fits. Heat resistant gloves are non-flammable, tear resistant and provide excellent insulation and prove to be perfect for handling hot, rough and sharp objects. They are durable and resistant to cuts and abrasions. Most of the types of heat resistant gloves can withstand direct flames without melting. They are used in heavy duty applications and maintenance work.

Heat Resistant Gloves at Tolexo.com

Tolexo.com offers you various types of heat resistant gloves that are used in various fields protecting your hands from severe burns. Tolexo.com has a huge range of heat proof gloves designed to protect you from thermal risks faced at workplace everyday. We help you protect your hands from thermal injuries by bringing the right pair of gloves for you right at your doorstep.