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Knitted Safety Gloves

We often tend to forget about the most basic things like our hands, which are capable of doing a wide variety of functions. Most of the domestic as well as industrial work is to be done by the hands. It becomes extremely important to take good care of our hands and protect them from cuts, burns, rashes, allergies, etc. Knitted Gloves are the protective safety shield that is commonly used while working in the homes or factories or for that matter anywhere. Apart from safeguarding our hands from any kind of harm these gloves also provide a grip to the user while working with tools or anything else. They give you a high level of breathability and provide flexibility as the threads are slipped over each other in the knitted loops. These safety gloves also reduce the possibility of irritation due to friction.

Variants of Hand Safety Products

Chemical Resistant Gloves are available in an extensive range with large product category and various options. The material of the safety gloves entirely depends upon its application. For the industrial use, fiber knitted gloves with a blend of various other material suits the most. The wide range of fibers are used either individually or in combination with each other and are well knitted to increase the productivity. The most common mistake in selecting the dotted gloves is picking up the wrong fiber type. Every fiber used in safety gloves comes with different characteristics and is used for different purposes. Fiber knitted gloves are also used as a lining in the manufacturing of coated gloves. The fiber and coating needed to be considered when you are making decisions to purchase safety gloves. Polyester is the most widely used synthetic fiber in making safety hand gloves. It is available in many types and sizes with a low cost. It has broad chemical resistance and is used in lightweight, palm dipped safety gloves. Nylon is the second most widely used synthetic fiber. It is highly durable and temperature resistant. It has good cut performance and excellent chemical resistance to most common compounds.

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Tolexo.com showcases a wide range of safety equipmentswhich includes fiber knitted safety gloves from cotton and nylon inspection gloves to puncture and heat-resistant styles. Whatever the application is, we have knit blends of various compounds of gloves for you to choose from. The safety gloves that we offer are quality based and certified products from leading manufacturers. Apart from these, Tolexo deals in 28 wide categories of products and over a million products which also includes, Vacuum Cleaners, Trimmers, surgical gloves, screwdrivers, hand tools, power tools, machine supply, machine tools, lock nut, electrical, plumbing tools, disposable gloves, coach bolts, fans, paper cutters, safety gloves, screwdrivers, Bench Grinders, hand tools, philips plug, screwdriver bits, test and measure tools, hardware, extension cords, fasteners, rubber gloves, lubricants, Burnishers, lab supplies, Bosch Power Tools, indexable inserts, havells socket, pullers, pliers, power drills, garden tools, LED Lights, adhesives, abrasives, medical supplies, lag bolts, screwdriver bits, test and measure tools, hardware, fasteners, washers, screw drivers, hand tools, screw online, office supplies, leather gloves etc. Serving you with the best is our motto.