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Leather Gloves : Keeping your hands safe!

Factory workers and staff at construction sites are more susceptible and prone to injuries as they remain in direct contact with tools, machines or chemicals for extremely long hours. Hand injuries are definitely more common than other types of injuries and hence industrial gloves are of utmost importance for enhanced safety of workers. Industrial dotted gloves are of various types and sizes to provide customized protection for different industry setups. However, leather safety gloves are preferred over any other type as they provide maximum protection from cuts and abrasions that might occur when welding or working with rough and sharp materials. Since leather can resist spark and moderate heat, most laboratory workers use Chemical Resistant Gloves. Shop for your choicest pair and stay safe from all potential hazards.

Variants of Safety Gloves

knitted gloves are specially designed and crafted gloves that keep your hands free from harmful liquids and spillage that may otherwise lead to burns, ailments, diseases and a host of other problems. Spillage and harmful chemicals account for most of the damages encountered by professionals related to industries where there is heavy duty use of industrial liquids, effluents, chemicals and other compounds. Additionally, these rubber gloves also come in very handy when it comes to handling sensitive industry equipment and machines as well. As a result, these disposable gloves are modern day necessities for workers in a variety of industrial zones and sectors.

Complete Range on Tolexo.com

At Tolexo.com, you’ll get 100% genuine leather gloves from top brands such as Axe, Hand Guard, Protector, Safe Hand and many others. Even the most popular line of Bike gloves is available here. Apart from industry workers, these gloves are perfect for bike riders as safety equipments as well as they provide complete protection to your hands from chill and injuries. Leather motorcycle gloves or leather riding gloves are available in various colors at our website. You can choose the classic black leather gloves or brown leather gloves. They are available in pop colors as well like red, yellow, blue, etc. Apart from this authentic and wide range like surgical gloves you’ll get services like free shipping and easy returns on all your purchase orders. Not just that, you can also track your orders with our user-friendly order tracking system. With over a million SKUs, and over 28 categories to choose from, Tolexo is gearing up for the increasing demand in the Indian market place. Now you can buy gloves sitting at home, saving your money, time and energy and with a 100% guarantee of genuine products. Our impeccable customer service will make your shopping experience totally hassle free. What more could you have asked for?