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Life Saving Jacket

Professional and recreational activities compel people to get in touch with water. Safety on and near the water becomes a big issue for the recreationalists and for military and rescue personnel. Rescue and flotation devices are needed for water safety . A life saving jacket is a personal flotation device, also known as PFD, an equipment designed to keep the wearer afloat in water. Life jackets are specially made to keep an individual’s head above the surface of water in an upright position and allow him to breathe in the event of emergency and is considered to be an essential life saving equipment. Life jackets today are technologically advanced unlike yesterday’s traditional orange horse collar jackets. Advanced life jackets are more convenient and less restrictive. Life jackets can be now custom designed for specific water activities like fishing, water skiing, cruising, etc.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are available in different sizes and types to accommodate variations in body weight, level of protection and to be used in different areas or applications. Life jackets for commercial transport ventures in potentially dangerous waters such as over water, air flights, offshore passages and coastal cruises are constructed of coated nylon or foam with twin air chambers to provide greater buoyancy. Aircraft life jackets for crew and passengers are inflatable and are fitted with a plastic whistle to attract rescuer's attention. There are inflatable life jackets available for commercial applications as well as recreational activities. They are available in the variety of styles and are generally more convenient and less bulky than the traditional foam life jackets.

Life Saving Jackets at Tolexo.com

Tolexo.com offers a wide array of super quality buoyant life saving jackets for the professional as well as recreational purposes. We stock from traditional to modern and automatic life saving jackets, water rescue equipment to serve your needs and provide you with utmost safety. Whether you are a rafter, a ferry boat pilot or a life coast guard, Tolexo.com has the right life saving jacket for all!