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Road Studs also known as solar road studs or cat’s eye studs is generally a raised pavement marker and a safety device used on roads. These devices are usually made with plastic, ceramic, thermoplastic paint or occasionally metal, and come in a variety of shapes and colors.
Tolexo.com offers road studs of various sizes such as 90*110*17 mm with greater flexibility, plastic as well rubber including UV protected material for a long lasting impact or usage.

Advantages of road studs are as follows-

  • Helps to reduce road accidents
  • Work as a warning for drivers
  • Works as a night guidance device
  • Helps in adverse weather conditions as well

Types of Road Studs are as follows-

  • 3M Road Studs- Appreciated for durability
  • Aluminum Road Studs- Recognized for its resistance and impact proof
  • 3M Plastic Reflective Road Studs- High strength and long service life
  • Speed Breaker Studs- basically for wear resistance and long lasting life or service
  • ABS Road Studs- Corrosion resistance studs

Road Studs associated with Tolexo.com

Tolexo is the only website where one can find a range of over 79 different types of road studs from top brands in the country. You can find road studs of brands of different range as per your purpose, usage, suitability and comfort. Some of the top brands are, Asian Loto Reflective- Road- Safety studs, Shiv Aluminium Road studs, ITrafco Studs, SVE Circle Hip Grid, Pioneer- swift Solar Studs, Lion, Omega, Safari- Studs, etc. are the various top brands in the industry of traffic management devices and safety materials and we provide them all at Tolexo. You can easily shop various safety road studs, or these traffic management devices here at Tolexo.com at an affordable range depending upon the user’s need and demand.You can customize these traffic safety cones as per your choice by stickers, texts and many more.