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Usc Flexible Barrier

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Traffic Barriers also known as Crash barriers, Guard rails or Armco barriers. These barriers are basically used to keep their vehicles within their roadways and prevent vehicles from collision with dangerous obstacles like buildings, walls and storm strains. It is designated as one of the most important tool or asset in traffic management equipment.

Different types of traffic barriers with their applications or functions are as follows-

  • Roadside Barriers- protection from roadside barriers like- steep slopes, pillars, bodies of water.
  • Median Barriers- prevent vehicles from crossing over a median ad striking an ongoing vehicle.
  • Bridge Barriers- used for a partition of trucks, cycles, two- wheelers, four wheelers, walkers and others.
  • Work Zone Barriers- protect traffic from hazards in work zone or areas.
Tolexo.com offers variety of traffic barriers and its equipments that can be used for various purposes. Barriers have unique features of interlocking at 90 degrees, lights and signage are highly admired not only in India but in other countries as well which are easily available at Tolexo.com.

Traffic Barriers associated with Tolexo.com

Just like other products, Tolexo provides best of the brands in traffic management equipments. We have a total of 61 different types of barriers on our portal. You can find such traffic barriers of more than 10 top brands brands of different range as per your purpose, usage, suitability and comfortability. Itraffco Retro Reflective, Pionner Swift Stainless Steel, Que Manager Base, Unathi Appartments PVC, Lion Barriers, H2 Barriers- Plastic- Steel- Rubber, Heavy Asian Loto Plastic,Gio Line, Asian Loto rubber- Plastic etc. are the various top brands in the industry of traffic management devices and safety materials and we provide them all at Tolexo. You can easily shop various traffic barriers accessories, or these traffic calming devices here at Tolexo.com at an affordable range depending upon the user’s need and demand.