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Safety cones are basically traffic tones. These are also recognized with different names such as traffic pylons, construction cones, highway cones, road cones and witch’s hat. Such safety accessories are majorly fluorescent in colours like orange, lime green and red for a better visibility and weighs 305 mm to 4.5 kgs serving various indoor and outdoor purposes.
Traffic Cone Accessories are generally used to enhance visibility, diversify the function of traffic cones by explaining the hazards, marking off the restricted areas, reinforcing a physical and visual barrier.
There are different types of traffic cones which serves various purposes. These are as follows-
  • Molded traffic cones that are heavier in weight. These are used for highway and transportation purposes.
  • Collapsable cones are used for everyday purposes such as- children safety and building safety.
Applications, Features and its Uses
  • Used privately for the breakdown situation
  • Traffic controls and emergency use on roads
  • Managing and Organizing a special area or lanes for special events
  • Used by city councils, bus companies and utility companies.
Durability, Portability and Visibility are the three unique features of Safety traffic cones.
Tolexo.com offers such safety traffic hats in a variety of heights, vibrant colours and reflective styles. Safety cones have little to no meaning for drivers. They are dependent on the situation and the purpose at hand.
Safety Traffic Accessories and Cones associated with Telexo.com
Just like other products, Tolexo provides best of the brands in traffic accessories. There are over 20 different types of safety cones available on our portal from top bands like Itraffco Retro Reflective, Pionner Swift Stainless Steel, Que Manager Base, Unathi Appartments PVC, GEC Plastic chain, Heavy Asian Loto Plastic- Barrier- Barricading chains, depending upon your suitability and comfort.
You can easily shop various safety accessories like cone holders, luooper tubes, cone lights, cone collars, plastic chains, barricading chains, etc. here at Tolexo.com at an affordable range depending upon the user’s need and demand.
You can also customize these traffic safety cones as per your choice by stickers, texts and many more.