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Mechanic Work Disposable Gloves

Working in the environments that includes heavy duty workload such as automotive industry, greater degree of hand protection is required. There is a need for the product to create a barrier between you and the mess. The mess includes used oils, slippery antifreeze, stinky gear oil, transmission fluids that can’t really wash your hands off. Only the toughest of the gloves can protect your hands from the mess as well as sharp and dangerous parts and tools.

Characteristics of Mechanic Work Gloves

As an automotive mechanic or worker, the most significant characteristics in the work gloves needed are puncture resistance, chemical protection and high point of dexterity. Nitrile and heavy duty latex gloves are the best suited for automotive and mechanics as they meet all the stated demands of automotive workers. Mechanics and technicians require durable gloves that can be applied for a long time, raised grain for enhanced grip and a high degree of dexterity to deliver precision. Nitrile and heavy duty latex gloves have proven to be superior because they satisfy all the needs of mechanics and technicians. Since Nitrile is a synthetic rubber, it is more durable and puncture resistant. Puncture resistance is important for automotive workers as they handle with sharp objects and creatures. Nitrile gloves are tougher, lasts longer and disposable . Nitrile and heavy duty latex gloves offer high immunity to many chemicals such as iodine and butane, cooking them a complete option for automotive and mechanic work. Nitrile gloves are fabric based to provide necessary resistance to damage and protection against mechanical hazards. These gloves are blended with high performance synthetic yarns to increase their usability. Apart from Nitrile, para aramid fibre is also used to knit mechanical gloves and sleeves because it has excellent tear, abrasion and cut resistance. Leather, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and natural rubber also contribute to the materials in making tough and durable mechanic work gloves to be employed in the automotive industries as well as by the local mechanics and technicians.

Mechanic Work Disposable Gloves at Tolexo.com

Tolexo.com helps you protect from sweat drenched palms, cuts from rough and uneven surfaces by offering you the choice of Nitrile, para aramid, latex and PVC made mechanic gloves best known for their strength, flexibility, thickness, texture, breathability and overall value. Tolexo.com provides you with the superior products at the lowest possible costs. Browse and see the wide range of mechanic work gloves brought to you by the best manufacturers and have a fantastic shopping experience right from the ease of your house.