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Road safety equipment is one segment that has definitely come of age in the contemporary scenario. The world is plagued by growing numbers of accidents and other mishaps, and this necessitates top-notch safety equipment and other tools to be used by road safety authorities and on roads as well. You will find a variety of road safety equipment online at Tolexo.com, and there are several types to choose from as well. You will also find several traffic safety signs which are basic necessities all over the world. There are some basic and universal safety signs that are used all across the globe.
These can be found online as well and are primarily purchased by governmental and private agencies along with individuals for specific purposes. It cannot be denied that road safety is a big issue for most developed and developing countries alike. Vehicular movement is now huge in most countries, and this has led to a rise in the number of accidents. Proper safety equipment should be used by local authorities and the safety police along with other law enforcement and cause-based organizations and hence the growing demand for the same. Road safety rules are not observed by a large chunk of the population, and such equipment should be used to keep erratic motorists and drivers in check.

Find top class road safety equipment at Tolexo.com

Tolexo.com is your best bet for finding top-notch road safety equipment and traffic safety signs alike. You will find several traffic and road safety implements and traffic safety posters here in addition to useful items like baton lights, road safety signs, barrier, traffic safety mirrors, convex mirror, traffic safety cone and a multitude of other traffic safety products. Tolexo.com sources products from the best and biggest brands including Dynamic International, 3M, Deccan Safety, Afex and 7M among others.
Some other popular options available at Tolexo.com include light batons , wind socks, caution tapes, barricade tapes, road studs, safety caution rolls, solar delineators with poles, one part cones, LED flexible strips, LED steady lights , caltorps, traffic cones, vehicle bomb search trolley mirrors, solar powered hazard warning flashers, reflective corner guards and solar lights among many others. Tolexo.com is the best bet for finding quality road safety signs online, and you are also assured of getting the best possible prices here.

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You will love shopping at Tolexo.com for its wide and diverse range of road safety equipment & signs in addition to products across other categories like industrial safety products, safety shoes , safety gloves and safety workwear. Tolexo.com offers a 100% genuine product quality guarantee, and this will definitely ensure that you get undiluted value for money. Additionally, Tolexo.com has a customer friendly refund policy whereby customers can get up to 100% money back on their returned products within a period of 30 days. Along with easy returns, Tolexo.com also ensures fast and hassle free shipping of products.
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3M Solar Road Stud Rs.2940 Pack Quantity:1 Saviour Traffic Cone, RSSAV-TRC Rs.3353 Rs.565 83% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:Conforming to MUTCD Unnathi 8 mm Rubber Column Guard Rs.343 Rs.341 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Dark Eye Dhruv Solar Studs Rs.2147 Rs.2146 Pack Quantity:1 Dark Eye Speed Bump, Da 1006 Rs.3170 Rs.3169 Pack Quantity:1 Aktion Safety Cones, AK 802 Rs.1912 Rs.1909 Pack Quantity:2 Certificate:EN 12899-1-2007 Frontier Traffic Cone, FTC-LRB Rs.820 Rs.783 4% Pack Quantity:1 Asian Loto Speed Breakers, ALC-PSB1 Rs.976 Rs.975 Pack Quantity:1 Meter Frontier ECO Barrier Rs.4400 Rs.3717 15% Pack Quantity:1 Frontier Fence Barrier-20K Rs.6400 Rs.5358 16% Pack Quantity:1 Deccan Safety Convex Mirror Rs.2370 Rs.2276 3% Pack Quantity:1 Aktion Spring Post, AK-941 PU Rs.745 Rs.739 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Certificate:EN 12899-1-2007 VR Caution Tape Rs.553 Rs.535 3% Pack Quantity:250 Meter Min. Order Quantity:2 Unnathi 10 mm Rubber Column Guard Rs.407 Rs.350 14% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Frontier Barricador - 1500 Rs.7100 Rs.5942 16% Pack Quantity:1 Aktion Safety Cones, Orange And White Rs.3454 Rs.3453 Pack Quantity:5 Asian Loto Traffic safety Road Stud, ALC-STD2 Rs.105 Rs.104 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:20 Shreeji Work In Progress Caution Tape, Pack Of 4 Rs.1486 Rs.1473 Pack Quantity:4 Frontier Barricador - 1000 Rs.3700 Rs.3144 15% Pack Quantity:1 Dark Eye Speed Bump, Da 1001 Rs.2911 Rs.2910 Pack Quantity:1 Unnathi 75 mm Plastic Hump Rs.2003 Rs.1745 12% Pack Quantity:1 Frontier Fence Barrier-15K Rs.3600 Rs.3063 14% Pack Quantity:1 KT Safety Cone With Rubber Base Rs.622 Rs.324 47% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:10 Frontier Kart Barrier Rs.4200 Rs.3554 15% Pack Quantity:1 Shaila Stainless Steel Queue Manager Delineator With Rope Rs.5000 Rs.4860 2% Pack Quantity:1 Lotus Speed Breaker, Yellow And Black, ABS Rs.2112 Rs.2111 Pack Quantity:1 Asian Loto Portable Speed Breaker, ALC-RSB8 Rs.4283 Rs.4282 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Ranger Signaling Baton Light Rs.810 Rs.726 10% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Scope Light Traffic Cone Rs.600 Rs.453 24% Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Lotus Speed Breaker, Yellow And Black, Rubber Rs.2730 Rs.2729 Pack Quantity:1 Asian Loto Safety Rumble Strip, ALC-PSB5 Rs.553 Rs.552 Pack Quantity:1 Meter Min. Order Quantity:2 Asian Loto Plastic Speed Breaker With Led, ALC-PSB8 Rs.2324 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:2 Lion Rumbler Strips, LSS-RS Rs.1536 Rs.1068 30% Pack Quantity:1 VR Traffic Cone, RR Rs.5000 Rs.3999 20% Pack Quantity:5 Pcs. Asian Loto Road Safety Traffic and Parking Cone, ALC-TC1 Rs.286 Rs.285 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 OEM Plastic Speed Breakers Rs.1328 Rs.1327 Pack Quantity:1