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Water Safety

Accidents do not take place with a prior notice. They are likely to occur in all working environments. Workers working in or around water should need to be more careful as water is one of those elements of nature that is beyond the control of mankind. Sometimes even though a great swimmer you are, you fail to compete with the strong force of water. There is always a risk of drowning involved in any water containing working environment. Workers safety is the foremost thing required to be able to make them work in the water resources.

Water Protection and Safety Equipments

Specially fabricated and designed for safety and rescue operations equipments are available for the sole purpose of the safety of the person working in the surrounding involving water.
Inflatable boats are made of impermeable, light weight, polymer coated fabrics used in water bodies to carry out rescue operations. It comes in the variety to capacitate three to ten persons.
Lifebuoy rings are the devices made of low density polyethylene that are throw-able to the person drowning so that he can remain afloat by holding the ring and keeping his head above water till the rescue operation is undertaken. Strong ropes of polypropylene attached to the lifebuoy help the rescuer to pull the person drowning to a safety position. Lifebuoys are moisture proof, non inflammable and maintenance free.
Life Saving Jackets are the jackets specially designed to provide buoyancy in water in case of water accidents or emergencies. Generally made of foam, marine life jackets are light weight, easy to wear and convenient to store. Life saving or rescue jackets come with adjustable straps to fit one size for all.

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