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Security Products: As Safe as Tolexo

To help you scale up your security needs, to help you protect your workplaces and your valuables, Tolexo has a variety of security products to keep you contended, always. We offer an array of products like locking systems, cctv cameras, safes etc. These products are full proof security systems and make it a lot more easy for you to be dependable on safety issues. Offering multiple products like motion sensors, electromagnetic locks, spy cameras, video door phones, electronic safes etc., gives our large client base a wide list to chose from and that too from the best and dependable brands.

Security Systems for Your Different Work Environments

With the number of different workplaces handling different work or even different departments in an organization, you need to have a security system designed for their special needs. Tolexo, with its range of products, provides a valuable service in this sphere to various businesses and industries. Products ranging from security alarms, access control systems, security management and law enforcement systems, etc., are providing the best and reliable solution for all security needs. With detectors and scanners; key locks and key blanks and a whole lot of other products for you to buy security systems online, from Tolexo.

All your security concerns answered at Tolexo.com

Understanding diligently, all that is required for your security system, Tolexo has been at the forefront in providing the best in class products with the best price offerings, in India. With a wide product line consisting of more than a million products of various utilities and seller base of more than 5000 with Bosch, Crabtree, Godrej, LG, Hyundai, being the most prominent among them. We do not compromise on the security aspects of your workplace and our 100% genuine products guarantee. This gives us the reason to stand tall among others, for business and industrial needs, and a reason for you to buy from Tolexo.
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Securus CCTV Camera Rs.2785 Rs.2743 1% Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Esquire Electronic Safe, SEEC6000 Rs.6649 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Year Hi-Focus 16 Channel DVR, HD-CVR-1604H2 Rs.23204 Pack Quantity:1 Pansim Memory Card Indoor CCTV Camera Rs.3675 Rs.2625 28% Pack Quantity:1 LG ICR D&N IR Bullet Camera, LCU5300R Rs.17415 Rs.17125 1% Pack Quantity:1 Network Body Worn Camera Rs.14421 Rs.14419 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Year Hikvision HD Bullet Camera, DS-2CE 16C0T-IRP Rs.2277 Rs.2276 Pack Quantity:1 Universe Spy Watch Camera HD, UN-20 Rs.4999 Rs.1831 63% Pack Quantity:1 Andorid PTZ Camera Rs.37125 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej Presidio Safe 50, Portable And Floor Safe, SEPS2146 Rs.37999 Rs.37998 Pack Quantity:1 Vizio Key Chain Camera, VZ- KC 01 Rs.628 Rs.530 15% Pack Quantity:1 TVT 8 Channel DVR, 2308HE Rs.16928 Pack Quantity:1 Network New GSM BUG, X009 Rs.6081 Rs.2336 61% Pack Quantity:1 Spy India Spy Button Camera, SC 018 Rs.6597 Rs.1144 82% Pack Quantity:1 Spy Black Pen Camera Rs.1346 Rs.921 31% Pack Quantity:1 Pansim Cloth Hook Camera Recorder Rs.3097 Rs.3075 Pack Quantity:1 Avik Network Camera, WI-FI JVS-H210 Rs.7063 Rs.7062 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Year Repair Ants HD Portable DVR CCTV Camera, AT-HDPTBL-980 Rs.2999 Rs.1679 44% Pack Quantity:1 Andorid Box CCTV Camera Rs.2497 Rs.2496 Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:CE, FCC, RoHs I-Focus Hidden Button Spy Camera, IF103 Rs.2475 Rs.859 65% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Month Pansim Eyeglass Spy Camera Recorder Rs.5775 Rs.2060 64% Pack Quantity:1 RSC Spy Wrist Watch Camera Rs.2064 Rs.1926 6% Pack Quantity:1 Universe New Mini Spy HD Button DV Camera, UN-2 Rs.1599 Rs.940 41% Pack Quantity:1 DIGITAL EVIDENCE Bulb CCTV Security DVR Camera Array, BC-680 Rs.7072 Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, Filo Biometric 40 Electronic Safe, SEEC9020 Rs.13999 Pack Quantity:1 Fepshot Spy Pen Camera Audio Video Camcorder Rs.1950 Rs.1569 19% Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:6 Months Warranty Vantage Hybrid Smart Cloud DVR Rs.5940 Rs.5886 Pack Quantity:1 Hikvision, Dome, 720P, CCTV Camera, DS-2CE-56C2T-IR Rs.2494 Rs.2493 Pack Quantity:1 Hikvision CCTV Camera, DS-2CE56C0T-IR Rs.1811 Rs.1569 13% Pack Quantity:1 Godrej, CASHBOX L Safe, Portable And Floor Safe, Model L Rs.3499 Rs.3498 Pack Quantity:1 Min. Order Quantity:5 Godrej Presidio Safe 110, Portable And Floor Safe, SEPS3146 Rs.44999 Pack Quantity:1 M Supervision Blue Gold Pen With High Quality Video Camera Rs.1264 Rs.1220 3% Pack Quantity:1 MDIGOLD IR Dome Camera Rs.4175 Rs.1413 66% Pack Quantity:1 Vintron Night Vision Bullet CCTV Camera, VIN-HD-L14-85ID24 Rs.2690 Pack Quantity:1 Warranty:1 Year Hikvision 8 CH DVR, DS-7108-HWI-SH Rs.7500 Rs.5775 23% Pack Quantity:1 Securus 8 Channel AHD DVR, SS-AHD-0804-M1 Rs.9565 Rs.9439 1% Pack Quantity:1 Certificate:CE,FC,ROHS