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Digital Calipers

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Digital Calipers

Moving ahead with modernizing trends, an analog caliper has given way to digital vernier calipers. The instrument is used to measure the distance between two opposite ends of an object. This includes measuring the internal and external diameters of the object. This precision instrument is widely used in the fields of mechanical engineering, forestry, wood working, metal working, medicine field etc. In a digital caliper, rather than a rack and pinion arrangement, a linear encoder is used for measurements. There are add on advantages of using digital over analog as the former gives you the feature of ‘reading hold’, helping you measure in difficult circumstances. You can buy digital calipers online from Tolexo, which has a wide range of test and measure instruments for the convenience of online buying of business and industrial goods. We have a host of trusted and famous brands that source online digital calipers like Mitutoyo, Aerospace, Bellstone, and JW among others. Apart from the wide variety of calipers, Tolexo has feeler gauges, micrometers, surface plates, screw pitch gauges, durometers etc. This wide range is offered at the best price to clients all over.

Buy Digital Calipers from Tolexo to Get High Precision and Quality Products

Tolexo has over 28 categories, with over a million products to cater to the ever increasing demands of the business and industrial houses. Online digital caliper is one of the test and measure category products which are offered on our platform. Apart from test and measure, there are categories like safety equipment, medical supplies, hand tools and power tools etc. Tolexo has over 5000 reliable sellers which help us maintain such a large variety of goods. In addition to this, the products are 100% genuine and have a 15 day money return policy in case of any discrepancies. These assurances that we offer to our clients make us the leader in industrial supplies in India.