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A feeler gauge is an essential instrument that comes in handy when it comes to measuring gap widths. It is mostly used in mainstream engineering practices for measuring the clearance that exists between two parts. There are several types of feeler gauges that are available online. Several gauges consist of multiple small lengths of steel that possess diverse thicknesses and every piece has measurements marked on the same. You will find different feeler gauge sizes online as well. These gauges are considered really flexible in spite of being operated through the same hinge.
Multiple gauges can be conjoined together for finding out intermediate values. There are usually two imperial unit sets along with metric measurements. Additionally, a similar device that possesses wires with specific diameters is used in place of devices that have flat blades. This device is used for setting spark plug gaps to the correct size. The gap is increased and decreased till the correct size of the same fits right inside the gap. The steel lengths are known as blades or leaves in spite of not possessing sharp edges. The taper feeler gauge is a predominant type which possesses a blade with consistent thickness even though it is used in a similar manner. These gauges are usually used in a variety of industries along with construction sites.

How is a Feeler Gauge Used?

A feeler gauge is used through a series of simple steps. You have to first unfold the blades present in the case to use the gauge. You should then zero in on an individual leaf that looks quite similar to the gap to be measured in terms of width. All other leaves should then be used on an individual basis. One should fold away the ones that are not being used in order to prevent them from bending while being measured. The gauge has to be held correctly in the way one would grasp a multi-purpose tool or pen knife and the correct position is usually between the forefinger and thumb. Feeler gauge use is not really complicated and can be absorbed in seconds.

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