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Digital Micrometer: For Readings that Count

Micrometers are devices that have a calibrated screw widely used for precise measurement of components in engineering along with other devices like vernier calipers. It is also used to measure the apparent diameter of celestial bodies or microscopic objects. Digital micrometers are a variant which has an encoder for measuring distance and displays the result on a digital screen. Tolexo has a number of micrometers which include inside, outside and digital micrometers of various brands and designs at the most affordable price.

How to Read Micrometer

The micrometer is composed of :
  • Frame – which holds the anvil and barrel in constant relation
  • Anvil and spindle – which hold the sample to be measured
  • Thimble – which ahs the graduated markings
  • Screw – known as the heart of the micrometer, it is inside the barrel

How to read Micrometers:

The spindle is graduated and has 40 threads per inch. This makes one turn equal to 0.025 inch that is equal to the distance between two graduations. The thimble has 25 graduations which further divide the 0.025 inch such that one division moved by the thimble is equal to 0.001 inch. Thus, the reading can be calculated by multiplying the visible whole numbers on the scale with 25, and add to it the number of division on the thimble which coincides with the zero line on the frame. Thus the diameter is expressed in thousandths of an inch.

This is the method followed to read the distance measured using a micrometer.

Micrometer on, Why?

Tolexo has a wide range of products ranging from safety related items to test and measure instruments. Digital micrometers are one of the precision instruments on the platform which are of the best quality. Not only precision tools, but also products from any category are of the best quality and offered at the best price in the Indian market. The products are sourced from best sellers and brands and are delivered to you with the best logistic system in this vertical. So chose Tolexo for you business and industrial requirements.