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Vernier Calipers: For Error Free Measurements

Measurement tools hold significance only when they give you the most accurate measurements. Such is the work of vernier calipers. Before the invention of this precision tool, it was hard to gauge the minute measurements and always had to be left to guess work and much speculation. Tolexo has given such nuisance a break and introduced a wide range of vernier calipers online to make work place accuracy a much easy affair. This wide range is sourced from reliable brands and sellers and tools are delivered to you with ease.

How to Read a Vernier Caliper?

Something that eludes most of the users is the know-how of how to use vernier calipers, in the most appropriate way. In addition to just selling the product, Tolexo gives you an insight of how to use the tool.
1. A vernier caliper is used to measure the internal and external diameters of objects, very accurately. For this purpose, it has been provided with internal jaws for internal measurements and external jaws for external measurements. The object whose dimensions are to be measured has to be fixed between these jaws accordingly.

2. The manual caliper has graduated scales – a metric scale and the other an imperial scale. While in a digital calipers, there is no graduated scale as one can infer the results from the display provided.

3. For a decimal measuring device, the first mark on this scale is spaced nine tenths of the main scale.

4. The device has another consideration while taking measurements, i.e. of Zero error. This condition describes case when the zero of the vernier scale does not coincide with zero of the main scale. Zero error can be of two types:

* Positive – this is the reading ahead of the 0 mark on the main scale (to the right). If the jaws are closed and the vernier scale reading is 0.10 mm then the zero error is +0.10 mm.
* Negative – this is the reading behind the 0 mark on the main scale (to the left). If the jaws are closed and the reading is 0.08 mm then the zero error is -0.08 mm.

5. Least count: This is calculated by the following formula:
* S denotes pitch or distance between two graduations on main scale
* V denotes distance between two graduations on vernier scale
* And n-1 main scale divisions are equal to n divisions on the vernier scale Hence, (n-1)S = nV.


Vernier Calipers Online with Tolexo’ Accuracy

Tools are one of those forte segments for Tolexo where we have no competitors in sight amongst the various e-commerce platforms. Vernier calipers are available on our platform from the best available brands. In fact, each and every product offered on our platform is 100% genuine with reliable sellers behind the guarantee. Tolexo has garnered a huge client base for industrial and business goods only because of its ability to stand by its commitment, always.