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Voltage Detector

Voltage Tester is one of the basic tool for test and measure of electricity used in today’s times. Commonly, it is in the form of a screwdriver with the lamp connected between the tip of the screwdriver and a single lead that projects out the back of the screwdriver. It is as an electrical test equipment which used to determine the presence or absence of an electric voltage of alternating current (AC) in a piece of equipment under test. By connecting the loose lead to an earth reference and touching the screwdriver tip to various points in the circuit, the presence or absence of voltage at each point can be determined, allowing simple faults to be detected and traced to their root cause. For low voltage work, the lamp used in the volt detector is usually a small, low - voltage incandescent light bulb.

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A non contact voltage tester detects the changing electric field around live wires which means that no direct metallic contact with the circuit is required. But the user must touch the top of the handle to provide a ground reference at which point the indicator LED will light up or a speaker will buzz, if the conductor being tested is live. A digital multimeter is a test and measure tool which is used to measure two or more electrical values mostly, voltage, current and resistance. It measures and shows the results in either digits or bars and an analog multimeter uses a micro ammeter with a moving pointer to display readings. One of the leading brand offering this test and measure equipment is a fluke voltage tester which very renowned for its accuracy and efficiency.

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